Who Owns Vivaldi Browser?

Knowing who owns what technology we use every day is an important thing for many people. Many go out of their way to avoid companies like Google and Facebook and refuse to use any of their products. Others simply want to protect their privacy and where they can and avoid technology where the owners or developers may not have the users best interests at heart.

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based web browser from Vivaldi Technologies. The company itself has two founders, Tatsuki Tomita and Jon Stephenson Von Tetzchner.

Tetzchner has been involved with technology for some time, having co-founded Opera Software, the company behind the much loved Opera browser.

Vivaldi CEO

Jon saw the development of the Opera browser stagnating and decided to branch off and develop something more geared towards the tech-savvy crowd. Vivaldi aims to be a fully-featured browser.

Tatsuki, the remaining co-founder, has also been involved in the technology industry for some time, and has since left Vivaldi Technologies to join Orbweb.

Co-Founder Tatsuki Tomita

According to the companies official website, the company is headquartered in Norway, with many of its near 60 staff from that region.

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