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What is Brave Rewards?

The word ‘rewards’ can get anyone excited. So far, there was no reliable way for users to be rewarded for watching ads as ads were solely designed to promote products and help publishers and advertisers.

However, thanks to the latest version of Brave Browser and it’s inbuilt Brave Rewards, the scenario is now gradually changing. It’s important the note that Brave Rewards is entirely voluntary. If you don’t want to earn BAT by viewing Brave Ads you don’t have to!

What Are Brave Rewards?

Brave Rewards is a program that pays users for browsing, whilst also putting in place a frame work to support content creators. Brave Browser is blocking many ads from other platforms, such as Facebook and Google, so continuing to compensate content creators in other ways is an important part of the program.

For years, we have been browsing the traditional way. We open a site, browse what we need to browse, battle through tons of ads, and get paid nothing in return.

The system was forcing users to turn to ad-blockers as ads were a nuisance. As a result, digital marketing took a major hit as revenues began to fall. The content creators we all love and enjoy also saw their bottom line fall. However, with Brave Rewards, it’s now changing.

Brave Rewards pays you for your attention, giving large cuts of the advertising revenue to you, the viewer, as well as the website serving the ad. It even respects your privacy by ensuring your user data never leaves the browser.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

How Do Brave Rewards Work?

The system is built on the Basic Attention Token, more popularly known as BAT.

You will need to download Brave browser and enrol in the Brave Rewards program to enjoy the benefits. It’s a reliable browser that has great security features and its own built-in ad blocker. Check out our post on What is Brave Browser for more of a deep dive on it’s features.

Install the browser, enrol into the Brave Rewards program, and you are ready to earn.

The browser will begin to automatically server you ads and tally the time you spend on different sites. The information is not traceable to individuals, hence there is no risk of private data reaching unsafe hands.

By default, the BAT you earn is automatically divided and contributed to the websites you most frequent. If you want to keep your hard earned BAT for yourself, you are free to turn off this feature in the Brave Rewards settings.

How Much Can I Earn Through Brave Rewards?

There is no specific number here as the amount of BAT you earn depends solely on the number of ad campaigns currently being run by Brave, ad inventory and how many ads you have elected to see. You are free to change the number of ads you want to see to help increase your earnings, if you wish.

You can earn up to 70% of the revenue that is generated through a specific ad. Brave takes the remaining 30%. If you want to increase the amount of ads you can see and therefore earn more BAT, simply follow our guide how to see more ads in Brave Browser.

Brave is constantly looking at new ways to implement their privacy respecting ads into the Brave Rewards program. For now, ads as notifications and Sponsored Images are the only ways to earn BAT. The ability for content creators, such as websites, to implement ads embedded within the website content itself, are in the works and will be an additional way for users to earn.

How Will I Get Paid?

The company pays out your BAT once a month to your desktop or mobile device wallet. At this time the wallets are not synced, so each computer or device you use will have it’s own separate wallet. There are plans in the future to be able to link them together so we only need to manage one wallet. This would be a welcomed feature.

If you have left the Auto-Contribution feature on, those content creators will be paid out from your BAT and you will be left with the remainder. If you wish to withdraw your BAT from Brave browser, you do need to jump through some hoops. If you are on desktop, this involves linking your wallet with and verifying with them.

At the time of writing there is no seamless way to withdraw BAT from your Android/iOS wallet. It can be done however, by some endorsed workarounds involving you signing up to the Brave Creator program. Take a look at the link above to get more information on this.

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