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What is Brave Publisher Ads?

Do you run a website? You can serve privacy-respecting ads to your users by enrolling in the Brave Publisher Ads program. This feature is part of the Brave Rewards program and is an additional way for content creators to earn revenue. Commonly referred to as “Batsense”, this is Brave’s answer to Google Adsense.

The Brave Publisher Ads platform, which is currently in beta, is due to roll out in the coming months to content creators.

Given that Brave Browser’s entire premise is to automatically block ads from Google and Facebook, content creators may see a reduction in their earnings from Adsense and other ad-related platforms.

Previously, the only way content creators could earn money from Brave browser users was if the user “tipped” either the creators directly. Publisher Ads (BATSense) allows the website site owner to embed privacy-respecting ads directly on their website.

The official Brave website lists the earning breakdown as the following;

  • Publishers/Creators will get 70% of the revenue share.
  • The user that views the ad will get 15% of the revenue share.
  • The final 15% of the revenue share will go to Brave.

An earn rate of 70% is significantly higher than the rates provided on the Google and Facebook platforms, and enticing as Brave continue’s it’s exponential growth.

How to Enroll in Brave Publisher Ads?

If you currently run a website and want to show Publisher ads on your pages, you will need to sign up to Brave’s Creator Portal.

Once your account is created, you will need to add your website and get it verified. Verification is pretty simple process – it involves you proving that you own a particular website. From this section you can elect you to allow Brave to serve ads on your website.

At this point in time, you will be notified to changes in the program and eventual roll out of Publisher Ads. For now, we sit and wait!

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