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What is Brave Browser?

We check out what the fuss is about

Brave is a new, privacy focused web browser which has taken the internet by storm, gaining millions of downloads in the past few years with no sign of slowing down. Based on Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome) and headed up by Brendan Eich (co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript), Brave is simple and fast on the outside, but under the hood, it packs some disruptive technology to change the way we all think about internet advertising and banners. Brave can be downloaded from the official website.

Notable Features

To help pry you away from whatever browser you are currently using, we thought it might be useful to list some of the features that make the Brave Browser great.

Based off Chromium

Perhaps the biggest overall advantage of Brave Browser is that it is built off the open-source version of Chrome, called Chromium. Chromium is fast, stable and already has support for hundreds of plugins, which makes the switch easy, especially if you want to continue to use plugins like Grammarly and Bitwarden. Whilst Brave does not have its own plugin store, all that is needed is to head to the Chrome store like normal to download your plugin.

Brave Browser itself is open source, which is well received by the privacy community and all the code can be inspected by anyone.

Ad-Blocker Built in

Firefox and Chrome plugins such as Adblocker were the answer to a lot of privacy issues that have surfaced the past few years. Some of our favorite websites are now bombarded with ads and nags that take away from the browsing experience. Whilst Adblockers helped, there always seemed like a better way. Brave Shields is Brave Browsers in-built ad and tracking blocker, meaning you don’t need to download a third-party plugin to get those nasty ads blocked.

Brave Shields uses less resources than regular plugins, overall resulting in a faster browsing experience. It’s also a lot simpler and streamlined than other plug-ins currently available.

You Can Earn Crypto

Known as Brave Rewards, Brave interestingly allows it users to earn it’s inbuilt cryptocurrency, known as Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), whilst viewing ads. The ads are substantially less obtrusive than typical Google or Facebook ads, and are completely voluntary. The ads can be controlled in a number of ways, including how frequently they are shown. Brave Rewards is turned off by default, further lending itself to the privacy focus of the browser.

The Brave Rewards system also has plenty of features for those who still prefer to not view any ads at all. In this particular case, users are encouraged to fund their Brave wallet (in-built in the Browser) with either BAT purchased from an exchange, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Once the wallet is funded, the user can choose to support their favourite content creators by tipping, or on an automatic basis based on how time they spend on the site.

In Built Tor Browser

One of the most underrated features of Brave Browser is it’s seamless Tor integration. User have the easy option to open a new tab for when they require greater privacy using the Tor network. Future updates to this functionality include making Tor the default browsing method when opening Brave for the first time.

Constantly Shipping Features

Brave is not slowing down, with a barrage of new features in the pipeline. Creators are nearing their long-await feature of being able to display ads on their website, bookmark and website history sync is being overhauled, and the Android and iOS applications are being heavily updated.

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