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Turn on Dark Mode on Desktop Version of Brave Browser

Brave has thankfully joined the push to save our eyes and device batteries by implementing dark mode across it’s browsers.

Dark mode is currently available for all versions of Brave Browser, including both Windows & Linux desktop, Android and iOS. The below is a handy guide on how to turn on dark mode on the desktop version of Brave Browser.

Step 1 – Download Brave Browser

Make sure you are on the latest desktop version of Brave from the official release channel and not a Beta or Dev version which you may be playing around with. This helps ensure you have the latest release features including dark mode.

On the desktop versions of Brave Browser, simply head to the hamburger menu on the top right of Brave Browser

Once inside the menu, it should auto default to the settings area, however if it hasn’t simply hit Settings in the top left. From there, click “Appearance”

At the very top of the Appearance section you will see an option under “Brave Colors”. This is the section we need. From here, you can either force Brave Browser to be in dark mode all the time, light mode, or even to follow the same as Windows, which is very handy indeed.

We hope you found this little guide helpful in case you were struggling to find where to enable the new dark mode in Brave. Have fun, and feel free to tip us if you are feeling generous!

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