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Turn on Dark Mode in Tor Browser

Dark mode is a popular feature across many modern operating systems and software applications. And for good reason. Dark mode can help with eye strain for those who may use PC’s for long periods of time and in some cases can even help with battery life on your mobile device.

Thankfully, Tor Browser ships with a dark mode theme that we can very quickly switch to if required.

Open Up Tor Browser

To switch to the theme, we need to head into the Addons sections. There are three ways we can access this area.

  • Type about:addons in the URL area of Tor
  • Use keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + A
  • Using the hamburger menu in the top right and selecting Addons

Once you enter the Addons area you will be presented with the following screen. You are currently in the Extensions section.

Simply select “Themes”. The currently enabled theme will be “Default”.

Let’s enable the Dark theme by selecting the small 3 dots sub menu. Hit Enable.

And that’s it! You should now notice most of the browser has been changed to a darker theme.

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