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The Ultimate Guide to Tipping & Contributing in Brave Browser

Tipping and contributing is one of the most important features of the privacy focused Brave browser. Brave blocks ads by default, including Google and YouTube ads, meaning the developers had to come up with a way to not only block the ads, but reward the creators for the content we all enjoy. Many of the content creators we follow all rely on, in part, to the Google ads they serve on their platforms. This is how they get paid and continue to produce content.

Thankfully, there is a way we can have the best of both worlds. We can block ads but still not feel guilty about it. There are a couple of ways we can do this, so take a minute to go over the below material.

Download Brave & Turn on Brave Rewards

First and foremost, to tip and contribute via Brave, you will need to install the Brave browser. You can do this by downloading it from the official website. Once installed, you will need to enroll yourself in Brave Rewards. Be sure to check out our in-depth article, but for now, Brave Rewards is a program which allows you to see notification style adverts, from Brave, and be rewarded in crypto currency, which you can then in-turn give to your content creator.

The crypto underpinning this process, is the Basic Attention Token, or BAT for short.

Once you have Brave up and running and Brave Rewards turned on, head to the small Brave Rewards logo and hit Reward Settings. You can also get there by typing brave://rewards in your URL bar.

From there, you can then enable Brave Rewards.

The Different Ways to Contribute

There are three different ways to contribute Basic Attention Token to our favorite content creators.

  • Auto-Contribute
  • Direct Tip
  • Monthly Contributions

Brave allows us to fine tune many of the tipping and contribution settings, so you can tip and contribute more to one website over another, or even exclude a site or Youtuber completely.


Let’s first take a look at the Auto-Contribute section. On a fresh installation of Brave, this is on by default, to the angst of many new users who quickly find some of their hard earned BAT has been automatically siphoned away at the end of each month.

Auto-Contribute evenly distributes your Basic Attention Token across the websites that you frequently visit.

At the end of the month, the BAT is automatically distributed. Interestingly, you BAT is also sent to those content creators who are not verified publishers, however if they do not claim the BAT within a certain period of time it is automatically refunded back to you, which is kind of neat.

If you hit the small menu button in the auto-contribute you will find some items you can fine tune. You can set a monthly monthly payment amount, which is great if you want to still keep some of the BAT for yourself.

Other options here include the amount of “attention” and number of visits needed before it is added to the auto-contributions list. This is helpful in case you don’t want it to add smaller websites that you visit maybe once or twice a month.

Make a One-Off Tip

If you are like a lot of Brave users and prefer to keep auto-contribute off, you can still support your favorite creators by giving them a one-off tip.

It’s best to send a tip to verified creators. You can tell if a website or account is verified by the small tick in your browser. This means that the BAT will go directly to the creator straight away.

Simply hit “Send a Tip”. From here you can now alter your tip amount to something you are comfortable with before sending it on it’s way.

Monthly Contributions

The last method we have of sending BAT to our creators is via monthly contributions. Think of monthly contributions as an ongoing tip. The positive of this is that we can still have auto-contribute set to off, but we don’t need to manually tip the website each month.

You can set a monthly contribution via the Brave Rewards logo when browsing a website. Once there, select Set.

We can select our contribution amount from a list of pre-set amounts. Simply select the amount you are comfortable with and select “Set Contribution”.

If you ever need to see a list of the website you are making monthly contributions to, you can do so in your Brave Rewards Settings. From here, you can remove websites if you no longer wish to contribute.

And that concludes our guide on tipping and contributing in Brave. There is a lot to take in, but what makes the system great is that you can support your favorite content creators and tweak the amounts as much as you like. As always, if you found this guide helpful, please consider tipping or making a monthly contribution to us.

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