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Stop Brave Browser Opening Torrents and Magnet Links

Brave Browser has a little-known, inbuilt torrent client. This is done via the implementation of WebTorrent, an open-source project which aims to bring torrent functionality straight to the browser.

This feature, however, is on by default. This can leave many users frustrated, simply because clicking on a link with .torrent file or magnet link, causes Brave to start trying to download it, within the browser. A lot of users simply want to download the .torrent file to their desktop and open it in their favorite torrent client.

It is easy enough to turn this feature off.

Head To Settings

We start by heading to the settings menu in the top right of Brave.

Once you have landed in the Settings menu pane, click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side. This will allow you yo search through the settings.

Search for all settings relating to torrents, by typing “torrent”;

The results of that search will give you an option like below;

Once this option has been turned off, .torrent files will download like normal. Further, this will also stop magnet link opening within Brave, and those should now start going to your clipboard instead

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