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Reopen Closed Tabs in Brave Browser

It can be pretty frustrating. You have 40 tabs open in Brave Browser and you accidentally close the one tab that you were interested in and forgot to bookmark it. Thankfully, there is a handy inbuilt feature within Brave where you can simply reopen it! There are actually a couple of ways to achieve the same thing.

Right Click on Current Tab

The first, and easiest, is simply to right click on your current open tab, and select “Reopen Closed Tab”, down the bottom of the context menu.

Doing so will Reopen the last closed tab. You can click this multiple times to continue re-opening tabs until you find the one you are after.

Keyboard Shortcut

There is a corresponding shortcut to reopen a closed tab, and it is not well known; Ctrl+Shift T!

Simply hold CTRL and SHIFT down together, and then press T on your keyboard. Done!

Once again, you can continue to press this multiple time to open up more and more closed tabs. Very handy.

With a Plugin

If you habitually close tabs that you later wanted, there is a great plugin available that can help make re-opening them a little bit easier for you. Because Brave is a Chromium-based browser, we are free to use any extension we like from the Chrome Web Store

The Restore Closed Tabs extension adds a small arrow button into your extensions section. When clicking it, a small drop down menu appears, showing you your most recently closed tabs. From here, simply click the tab you are looking to re-open, and it’s done!

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