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National Public Radio (NPR) Gives Green Light To Basic Attention Token Donations As A Verified Publisher On Brave Browser

Washington DC-based National Public Radio (NPR) will start accepting Basic Attention Token (BAT) donation after securing “verified” status on the fast rising browser called Brave.

The Brave browser uses BAT as its native digital currency and the browser has been making headlines courtesy of its interesting advertising approach. Users are paid BAT for watching ads with a large split also going to the content creators. NPR is the latest news outlet to be verified as a publisher by the website.

Verified status will allow readers to contribute donations or tips through BAT. The news outlet is yet to make any announcements regarding the development but many view it as a progressive step for NPR as a platform that is dedicated to providing legitimate content.

Brave has been rapidly gaining popularity in 2019, along with BAT which has benefited greatly as the browsers native token. The cryptocurrency has grown by over 160% since the start of 2019. This impressive performance has mainly been attributed to the use of the cryptocurrency to facilitate payments on the Brave browser. The browser’s approach has become popular because it eliminates the need for ads on its platforms.

Ads have for a long time been the main avenue that websites such as NPR use to earn revenue. Brave’s approach is gaining popularity because unlike the traditional method, it also allows both readers and content creators a greater slice of the pie. Nonetheless, NPR is the biggest non-profit news outlet in the U.S and the partnership with Brave makes it even more formidable.

Meanwhile, BAT has been rising up the ranks among the most popular cryptocurrencies. It currently ranks 25th on CoinMaretCap and its price at the time of this press was $0.359839 USD. Numerous other major news publishers including CryptoSlate, LADbible, the Washington Post, The Guardian,, and the Los Angeles Times have also signed up for the platform.

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