Is Brave Browser Safe to Use?

Brave Browser is a privacy focused webs browser, developed by Brave. For users considering switching from less privacy respecting browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, Brave is seen as a great alternative. But what makes Brave Browser safe to use?

There are a host of features directly baked into the browser that makes it one of the best browsers to use. You can check out our recommended privacy settings for Brave in our other article.

Blocks Ads and Trackers by Default.

Brave ships with an in-built ad blocker straight out of the box. This is extremely helpful considering some of the more popular ad blocker extensions over the years have been sold to marketing customers, potentially leveraging your data in the process.

Known as Brave Shields, the blocker can be fine tuned for each individual website, meaning if you experience issues with the rendering of a particular website, you can adjust it as necessary. With the in-built blocker, there is no need to install third-party extensions like uBlock Origin.

In-Built HTTPs Upgrades

Where previously privacy-conscious users needed to install third-party extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere, Brave Shields includes this by default. This allows you to save resources by not needing to install multiple extensions.

The HTTPs upgrades feature will attempt to upgrade each visit to a website where https is available. For example, if you are provided a link to, Brave will redirect you to instead, resulting in a safer browsing experience.

Fingerprint Protection

The in-built features continue with Brave’s anti-fingerprint technology. Fingerprinting is a process whereby you as a visitor are identified by certain characteristics in your browser, such as the resolution size, what plugins you have, clock-skew, and system fonts. It is a method for a website to identify you if they can not place a cookie on your system.

This has become a particularly invasive way for websites to identify you, especially since many people believe by simply not allowing cookies on their devices they may be safe.

This technology makes Brave ones of the safest browsers to use and is a very welcomed feature.

Script Blocking

The last inbuilt feature of note is Script Blocking. This feature is actually turned off by default on new installations of Brave browser so it is an important consideration when trying to take back your privacy.

A small word of warning however, turning on this feature can see some websites break. Be safe in the knowledge however that no dodgy websites however are trying to launch malicious code in your browser.

Brave Browser is Safe.

Brave is absolutely one of the safest browsers you can use. It is much more privacy-respecting that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and your browsing behavior such as your history and bookmarks, do not leave your machine or device.

Along with the inbuilt features saving you resources, Brave is a easy choice when looking to browse safely.

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