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iOS Users Can Now Enjoy Brave Ad Rewards

Last month Basic Attention Token browser Brave announced that they will launch rewards and ads for iOS users. Finally, BAT tokens are on iOS and users can earn rewards by watching ads on the brave browser.

Brave introduced ad rewards for iOS users

iPhone users can now use the browser and earn BAT on the go for watch ads. The Brave team indicated in a post on Reddit indicated that they will push the update to V1.13 in phases. Therefore this implies that some iOS users will have to wait longer to get the update compared to others. The support team indicated that there was no need to worry for those yet to receive the update as they will soon get it.

iOS users can now decide to opt for the ad-free experience by going to the browser setting and disabling the feature. However, the opportunity of getting up to 70% in ad revenue for viewing adds sounds like a great incentive users should try. This is unlike in other browsers where the companies enjoy all the revenue for deploying intrusive ads to their users. The Brave Ads program is the main selling point of the reward-based browser. Users can earn BAT token each month by choosing to view non-intrusive ads.

The privacy-focused browser, helmed by Brendan Eich who is the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, introduced BAT rewards for Android users in March. However iOS users had to wait longer because it was challenging integrating the browser’s Ad program in the system.

Brave browser hits 9 million monthly active users

Although Google’s Chrome browser is still leading in the internet browsing space, Brave is also growing fast. The browser is cutting part of the huge market share that chrome enjoys. According to Brave’s head of developer relations Jonathan Sampson the privacy-focused browser recently reached over 9 million active users per month.

The goal of brave is to transform how online advertising operates by giving users a chance to choose the ads they want to view. They are also determined to reward content creators and publishers with a fair share.

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