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How to use Brave’s Video Chat Feature

During the height of the corona virus pandemic, Brave introduced an encrypted video conferencing feature straight into the browser.

The team did not design it’s own implementation however. They merged the popular open-source tool Jitsi into Brave, seamlessly integrating the feature to allow you to communicate with friends and family straight from Brave.

This article will show you how to use the feature to see if it’s something that works for you.

Upgrade Brave.

As always, make sure you are on the latest version of Brave, by downloading it from the official website, or by upgrading.

Being on the latest version ensures you have the latest security fixes and features.


Open Brave like you normally would, and in the URL bar, type the address

You should be presented with the following logo.

Simply hit “Go”.

Set The Permissions

If this is the first time using Together, you need to allow the permissions for your microphone and camera. It’s important to do this otherwise critical functionality will not work.

The permissions should come up as a small pop-up in Brave. Hit allow.

Invite Friends and Family

Your initial screen will show your meeting room.

Each and every person that uses this feature is given their own unique meeting ID room. This is a standard feature in video conferencing solutions and is the link you provide to friends to so they can join your call.

To get this link, simply hit “Invite More People”. From here you can either copy it to your clipboard, or even send it via social media. This link is basically an invitation into your private meeting room.

Fine Tune The Controls

The Together app allows some fine tuning of the meeting. For example, you can show your desktop and even turn on a dedicated chat channel. Both of these features are on the bottom left hand corner of the meeting.

If you would like to add a password to the meeting for extra security, that can be easily done via the small shield icon on the bottom right.

The password will need to be provided to your other users along with the invitation link. End-to-end encryption can also be set in this section.


Brave Together is a simple but effective implementation of a lightweight open-source solution. Together is no-frills, but does come with some limitations that more mature solutions such as Zoom already have, like backgrounds. Zoom can also handle a higher number of participants.

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