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How To Use Brave’s New SpeedReader Mode

Brave has recently introduced it’s own implementation of Reader mode (something you may remember from Google Chrome), a well-loved feature among users who want to view websites without flashy menu’s, text and cruft that many modern sites serve you. SpeedReader strips the page/article back to the basic text allowing, you to concentrate solely on what you are trying to read. The feature is currently available in the Nightly and Beta builds, and will make its way to Stable very soon.

The feature can very quickly be turned off or on, so if you come across a long article or page (such as the great investigation pieces at the Washington Post) keep this feature in mind.

As always, make sure you have downloaded the latest stable release version of Brave browser to have the most up-to-date features and options. You can also update your existing Brave installation if you wish.

Turn SpeedReader On and Off

Lets test SpeedReader using an article from the Washington Post, such as this one. As a bonus, Washington Post are also Brave verified, so be sure to leave them a tip!

Once we land on the page, we can quickly see all the extra junk that comes with most websites today, including sidebars, menu items, cookie popups and warnings, among others.

The SpeedReader button is located to the left of the URL bar, as per below. Hit it.

You should immediately notice the page appears a lot cleaner, with all the extra garbage removed, leaving you with just the text and in line images. You should also notice the SpeedReader button is now colored orange, meaning it is “On”. You can quickly turn it off by simply clicking it again to return to the normal web page.

How To Turn Off SpeedReader Completely

If for whatever reason you want to completely remove the SpeedReader functionality and button, you can do so in the experimental features area of Brave.

In the URL bar, type brave://flags

Once you are in the flags area, simply type “Speedreader” in the Search box. From here can you set the feature to Disabled. You will be prompted to restart Brave and once you do, the button and feature will be removed.

Back to Basics

SpeedReader is a welcomed addition to Brave, allowing it’s users more control over how web pages are delivered to us and how we interact with the content. By stripping the site back to basics we can continue to visit the sites we love in the knowledge we don’t have to view or download all the extra content that comes along with the simple text.

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