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How To Use Brave Sync

Brave recently released the updated version of Sync, a much welcomed feature after the original version which shipped with version 1 of Brave was buggy and ultimately switched off by default. The updated Sync is currently located in the nightly build of Brave and will make its way to the Stable version within the next few weeks.

Sync allows you to synchronize bookmarks, history, passwords and others data across your multiple Brave devices, such as your desktop and mobile devices. Let’s check out how we can start syncing our content.

Get The Latest Version of Brave Browser

To enable this feature, you need to ensure you are on the latest version of Brave Browser, so either download it and install and update your existing installation. Make sure both your PC/Mac and mobile device versions are up to date.

Being on the latest versions ensures anything we do below is not messing with older versions of Sync which are buggy and basically not working, so make sure to update.

Head Into the Sync Settings

The quickest way to head into the Sync settings on the desktop version of Brave is to enter the following into the url bar.

From there you will be presented with your settings dashboard. Note up the top is the area dedicated to Sync.

Start New Sync Chain

If this is the first time you are using Sync, you will need to start a new Sync chain. It’s probably best to start this process on a desktop computer and then sync your remaining devices from there. Hit “Start a new Sync Chain”

From there we need to select the device we are wanting to Sync, let’s select Computer.

Backup the Sync Chain Code

The next screen provides you with a unique string of 24 words. It is important to back this up in a proper password keeper, such as Bitwarden. Reason being, if anyone was to see or copy this code, they would be able to add their own personal device to your Sync chain, and would see all of bookmarks, history, passwords, addresses and payment methods.

This code is also used for instances where you want to quickly add another of your devices to the Sync chain. All you need to do is simply input this code. We will go through that part in a bit.

Hit ok after taking note of the Sync Chain Code. You will go back to main screen, which is where we need to start adding our devices that we want to Sync with. First off, review all the settings that you want Synced. You can pick and choose the items you want, or simply select, “Sync everything”.

How To Add Mobile Phone or Tablet to Sync Chain

Once you have started the Sync chain with your main desktop computer, it’s now time to add our mobile or tablet. We are using the Android version of Brave browser for this example, but it is very simliar for iOS.

Head into the settings of Brave on your mobile.

Then head into Sync.

You will be given the choice to start a new Sync chain, or scan or enter the Sync code. We have already started a Sync chain on our main desktop computer, so let’s select Scan.

You camera should open as we need to scan the QR code. You can also enter the Sync code if you like, but it’s much easier to scan as opposed to typing in the whole code words.

Go back you your main desktop computer, and select “Add new device”

Point your mobile phone over the below QR code. Try to line it up with the edges of the box on your screen. It is usually pretty quick to register.

You will then be given an opportunity to name the device. This is recommended as it helps troubleshoot any issues you might have. hit ok and we are done!

How To Add Computer to Sync Chain

If you want to add another computer to your Sync chain, it is easy enough. For this you are going to need your Sync code.

To retrieve your Sync code (if you didn’t save it somewhere safe like Bitwarden), go onto your main computer where you first setup Sync and select “View Sync Code”. Click the small “copy” button to make it a bit easier for yourself.

Now, head over to your second computer and go into the Sync menu like normal, within Brave Browser.

You will see the following screen. This time however, we don’t need to start a new Sync chain, as we already have one in place, so select “I have a Sync Code”.

Paste in your Sync code, and hit Confirm

Click confirm. You will see a small notification in the bottom left of Brave.

We hope you found this guide helpful. As always please consider leaving us a tip or adding us to your auto-contribution in Brave browser!

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