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How to Use Brave Crypto Wallet

In late 2019, Brave introduced a heavily requested feature into it’s browser; a crypto wallet. Where previously users were encouraged to use the Metamask plugin, Brave went one step further and seamlessly implemented the open-source Metamask code directly into Brave browser. What resulted is a clean and simple, ETH based wallet without the overheads of running third-party plugins, extensions or software.

To use the wallets feature, make sure you are running the latest stable version of Brave. While the crypto wallets feature is available in the Beta and Nightly builds, it is highly recommended you run this on the stable build.

An important note; Brave Rewards and Brave Crypto Wallet are completely separate from each other and work independently. For example, if you have earned BAT via the Brave Reward program and want to withdraw it, you still need to connect it to a verified Uphold wallet. From there, if you wish, you can send it from Uphold to your Brave Crypto Wallet.

This article will cover the basic functionality and features of the wallet. If you are a long time Metamask user you may not see anything ground breaking here, however for those new to crypto wallets, it might be a good starting point.

How to Create Brave Crypto Wallet

We first start by clicking on the hamburger menu icon in the top right of Brave and scrolling down to Crypto Wallets. You can also enter “brave://wallet” in the search bar as well.

You are presented with a welcome screen and disclaimer. Have a read and click “I understand”.

One of the best features of Brave’s crypto wallet is it’s ability to interact with hardware based wallets, such as the Ledger and Trezor. For now though, we are just going to create a local wallet, so hit “Create”.

Select a strong password and make sure it is backed up. We recommend Bitwarden, which is an open-source password keeper.

We now need to reveal our secret backup phrase. This is the data that the password we created is protecting. It’s extremely important that you do not disclose the backup seed to anyone as this will give them complete control over your crypto. We also need to ensure the secret phrase is backed up, like the password. In the event that that Brave Crypto Wallet is lost, such as your laptop was stolen, the hard drive dies, or the operating system becomes corrupted, we can import the wallet on a new machine, with our crypto completely safe.

You can choose to copy and paste the seed into your password keeper, like Bitwarden, or download it as a text file. If you are downloading it to a text file, it needs to be kept somewhere safe, such as an encrypted thumb drive. Once you confirmed the seed has been safely

Once you hit next, your wallet has been successful created. If you want, you can rename the wallet by selecting the following options;

ETH and BAT are already listed there by default if you want to deposit those straight away. Brave Crypto Wallets accept any ETH based crypto, so you can add EOS, Chainlink, OmiseGO and others, by simply selecting “Add Token”. From here, you can search for the token, or if you know the Contract Address, Symbol and Decimals, you can add it yourself, by selecting the “Custom Token” section.

To send the crypto to this new wallet, simply copy the public address and paste this into the Send area in the exchange or wallet you are transferring from. You will see the transaction appear in the History section after a few minutes.

Likewise, if you want to send crypto from Brave Crypto Wallet to another wallet, use the Send function, entering the public address of the destination location.

In the top right is an area dedicated to extra settings. Let’s explore there.

From here, you can create further accounts, Import older wallets, connect your hardware wallet, change the default currency, language, among others.

A simple, effective wallet

Brave Crypto Wallet is a no frills, ETH based wallet for those looking for some simplicity without extra software or extensions. The fact that the implementation heavily relies on the the well respected Metamask, means it is free of show-stopper bugs and extremely reliable.

Brave’s Crypto Wallet is often overlooked, but it adds to the long list of useful and privacy respecting features located within the browser.

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