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How to Turn On Tab Groups in Microsoft Edge

Tab Groups is hands down one of the best features in both Chrome and Brave Browser. Fortunately for users of Microsoft Edge, Tab Groups is available to use, it just needs to be enabled from the advanced settings section of the browser. The below guide will show you how to enable the tab groups feature in the desktop version of Microsoft Edge.

Head to the Flags

We need to get to the advanced settings of Edge which are not available through the usual settings windows. To do this, simply type “edge://flags” into the search/URL bar of Edge.

Once you arrive in the Flags section, you will see a small search bar at the top. From here, simply type “Groups”. The top option which should be returned is “Tab Groups”. It is currently set to “Default”, so let’s switch it to” Enabled”

You will be prompted to restart Edge, so go ahead and click “Restart”.

Once Edge opens up again, simply right click on one of your open tabs. You will now be given the opportunity to add the tab to a new group.

Name the group and assign a colour if you wish.

Tab Groups are a great way to organise your multiple tabs, especially for users who like to keep and maintain a substantial amount open at the same time.

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