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How to Turn on Dark Mode on DuckDuckGo

Dark modes are getting popular across our favourite websites and applications, and for good reason. Dark mode is easier on the eye, and can often result in lighter battery usage.

If you use the privacy conscious search engine,, you will be glad to hear it too has a dark mode options. It’s very easy to change, so lets jump in.

Go To Settings

When first navigating to, you will notice a small hamburger menu in the top right. Select this.

From here, a sub menu will appear. Select “Themes”

Once in the themes section, you will have the choice of not only Dark Mode but several others as well. Select the theme you like and be sure to press “Save and Exit”.

Changing yo dark mode on DuckDuckGo is easy! The choice of other themes is also very welcomed.

If you are not already a DuckDuckGo user, be sure to check out our comparison of the major privacy-focused web browsers, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how good it stacks up against Google.

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