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How to turn off Auto-Contribute in Brave Browser

When enrolling in the Brave Rewards program, auto-contribute is turned on by default. This is to the angst of new users, who find after the first month all of their hard earned BAT was siphoned away to websites they had visited during the month.

It is very simple to turn this off, and is something that should be checked every now and then, as it has been known to mysteriously turn itself back on!

Head to Brave Rewards

First off, open up Brave Browser and head to Brave Rewards. You can enter the Brave Rewards section by clicking the small Brave Rewards logo in the top right of Brave.

From here, select “Reward Settings”.

Scroll down a little until you get to the auto-contribute section. Make sure this is set to “off”

While you are here, it’s also a good idea to make sure there haven’t been any ongoing monthly contributions or tips set. You may have been on a website and accidentally clicked this so be sure to check.

And that’s that! If you install Brave for family and friends, make sure to double check with them if they want this feature on or off. As noted, also periodically check your own installations from time to time as auto contribute has been known to turn itself on due to bugs.

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