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How to Stream Movies and Download Torrent Files in Brave Browser

One of Brave Browsers lessen known features is the ability to stream movie torrents straight within the browser. Brave has implemented a project known as WebTorrent, which allows you simply click on a torrent link (or magnet link) and start watching the video straight away. You don’t even have to wait for the torrent to complete before starting.

Not only that, but you can use Brave as a fully fledged (albeit basic) torrent client. Helpful for those times where you might not have access to a dedicated client, like Deluge or QBitorrent, or just need something quickly and easily.

The below guide introduces you to the feature.

Download Latest Version of Brave

The ability to stream movies and download torrent files in Brave is constantly being updated. For that reason, it is best to ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest stable version of Brave. You can then be safe in the knowledge you have the most recent bug fixes and features.

Enable WebTorrents Extension

The WebTorrents feature comes on by default with Brave, however if you have turned it off some reason (such as by following our Best Privacy Settings for Brave guide) you will need to switch this back on. To do so, head to the hamburger menu in the top right, and select Settings.

Once in your settings Dashboard, scroll all the way down until you see the entry dedicated to WebTorrent. Make sure this is switched to “On”.

Now let’s test it. Linked below is a .torrent file on the website. It’s a free and open source video so there is no copyright issues here. You can obviously use this for your favorite torrent trackers to watch movies and the latest TV epsidoes but that is completely up to you!

The link is to an all time classic movie, Double Indemnity;

After clicking the above torrent link, a new tab should open with some basic details about the torrent. You also have the opportunity to download the .torrent file if you wish.

Hit “Start Torrent”.

Brave will then start to download all of the data located in the torrent. Let’s click on .mp4 while it’s downloading and see what happens…

It plays!

The current supported file types to start viewing a video straight away are .mp4, .m4a and .m4v. We are hopeful there are other file types supported in the future.

Where are the files downloaded to?

Suppose you start downloading a .torrent file and want to keep a copy of the completed file locally. The torrent does not have to be a video file to work within Brave, it might even be the latest version of Ubuntu. Simply hit the “Save File” button located within WebTorrent and select your desktop location.

A Hidden Feature

Brave’s WebTorrent feature is a hidden gem. It adds a no-frills torrent client, within the browser, making it perfect for those who are not heavy torrent users but need to download one on occasion. Make sure you are aware of the privacy implications however; this extension will broadcast your ip address to others. For downloading Linux distributions and content from the however, it’s more than adequate.

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