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How to Stop Web Notifications in Brave Browser

Whilst web browser notifications can be helpful in giving you up-to-date information from your favorite websites, the notifications to signup can be a little annoying for those that just like to visit websites directly.

Following that, if you accidentally click “Allow” on a website, you might find yourself being bombarded with notifications with no way of knowing how to disable them. The following is a guide on how to stop web notifications in Brave browser, however, it will also assist those running Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as well as other Chromium-based browsers.

Head to the Settings

First thing is first, we need to head to the settings within Brave via the hamburger menu in the top right of the browser.

Once in the Settings menu, hit the small magnifying glass in the top right. This allos us to start typing and refine the results based on what we type.

Turn off Web Notifications

Start typing “Notifications” and the results that we want will be filtered. We want to click on the option titled “Site and Shield Settings.

Once in this section, hit “Notifications”.

Now we can fine-tune our notification settings. We can turn off future requests to accept notifications by switching the option “Sites can ask to send notifications” to OFF.

It’s important to note, if we turn this to off, but there are still websites listed in the “Allow” section, you will need to click on each of them directly and click “Remove.

Now that we have removed the ability for websites to send us notifications, as well as even ask us in the first place, we have successfully quietened down this sometimes annoying feature!

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