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How To See More or Less Ads in Brave Browser

It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? Wanting to see more ads when browsing the internet.

Thankfully with Brave Browser, we can see non-intrusive, privacy respecting ads within the browser, and get rewarded for doing so with the inbuilt Brave Rewards. Once you get that first payment of BAT, you may want to earn even more! The great thing about Brave Browser is we are in total control of how many ads we want to see; none, some or as many we can get. This guide will cover how to check and tweak our Brave Browser settings to make sure we are seeing as many ads as we can, or slowing them down if we choose.

Download The Latest Version of Brave Browser

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Brave Browser, by downloading it here. In early 2020, a new method of seeing ads and earning BAT was added to Brave. We will get into that below but for now make sure you are up to date.

Change the Maximum Amount of Ads Per Hour

One of the easiest ways we can see more or less ads in Brave is by changing the amount of ads the browser serves to us per hour. To find this setting, click on the Brave Rewards icon in the top right of Brave Browser. It doesn’t matter if you are on the desktop version, iOS or Andoid, the process is very similar.

If you don’t have Brave Rewards turned on, now is a good time to do so.

Click on “Rewards Settings”. If you are on Android or iOS, follow this step by hitting “View Details”.

Make sure the switch on the right hand side is in the “on” position. You will see a little Menu titled “Ads Settings”. Click on this.

Here you will be presented with a menu where you can alter the number of ads you see per hour. You can increase it or decrease it as you see fit. You can even turn them off entirely in this section, but still participate in the Brave Rewards program if you wish. You just won’t earn any BAT from ads.

Turn Sponsored Image On or Off.

In February 2020, Brave released a new way to see ads and earn BAT within Brave Browser. Known as Sponsored Images, a small ad show when I user clicks to open a new tab.

To make sure this new feature is on, or even if you want to turn it off, follow these instructions.

Open new tab in your browser as per normal, and in the bottom right you will see a button you access the dashboard settings. Click this.

From here you will be presented with a bunch of settings to edit your dashboard, including the ability to see Sponsored Images.

Additional Options on Android and iOS.

The process on Android and iOS for changing the number of ads showing per hour is the same, however it’s best to double check Sponsored Images as well as one other important settings. Open Brave, select the “3 dots” option, and then go to Settings.

Head to the “New Tab Page” setting to double check that Sponsored Images is turned on or off depending on what you want.

The last option to check is the ability to receive ads even when we are not actively using Brave. This is a great way to earn more BAT if you are using your device in other ways, such as browsing Reddit or other social media. Head back into settings and select Brave Rewards.

You will see an options relating to showing ads when Brave is not in use. Depending if you want to see more or less ads on your Android or iOS device, use this options.

That’s it! You should now see a few more ads when browsing around. Remember, the amount of ads you see depends on a lot of factors, including your location, the amount of ad campaigns active at that particular time, as well as ad inventory. With the above changes however you should see a few more come your way. Be sure to check your Rewards Summary to see where your earnings come from.

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