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How To Reset Brave Browser To Default Settings

So you downloaded Brave, tested it for a few days, and after playing around with the many different settings and flags available in the browser, you now decide you want to use Brave as your main browser going forward. This is a great opportunity to take the browser back to it’s original, out-of-the box settings to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

Brave browser thankfully has a reset to default button to help us out. It is buried within a few menu options though, so we take you through how to find it exactly.

Finding the reset button

As always with our settings, we start by heading to the hamburger menu in the top right of Brave, and then hit “Settings”.

You will then be taken to the Brave themed settings page for the browser. On the left hand side you will see a section titled Additional Settings. Click on this.

The Additional Settings section will expand a further menu. You should now see the Reset Settings button. Click this.

Yet another button will appear, this time in the middle of the settings page. Hit the large button titled, “Reset settings to their original defaults”.

You will be presented with a warning which informs you what the reset button does exactly. Once you have reviewed that information and want to go ahead, simply hit the orange “Reset Settings” button.

Click the reset button for your browser will restore the browser to the default settings as if you just installed it afresh.  However, your saved passwords, history and bookmarks will remain intact. Those items can also be removed from the browser if you wish in those respective areas.

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