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How To Make Brave Default Browser

So you finally downloaded Brave Browser, gave it a go and decided to stick with it. Good for you! In that case, it is probably a good time to change your settings to make Brave your default web browser, instead of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whatever else you are using. This will make sure you are getting the privacy and speed benefits, as well as earning BAT through Brave Rewards, at all times.

Make Brave Default on Windows 10

Windows 10 can be a bit annoying in that each new major update can reset a lot of the defaults that you previously had in place. In the event you need to change the default web browser on Windows 10, follow these instructions.

From the Start Menu, type “default”, and select the Default Apps system settings.

Once the menu opens, scroll down to the section titled, Web Browser.

Simply select “Brave” from this list. If you have Beta or Nightly builds installed, you can also make those the default Brave browser if you wish

Make Brave Default on Android

If you are running Android and want Brave to be your default browser, simply open the settings menu by pulling down from the top of your screen and select the Settings cog.

At the top and in the search bar, type “default”, which will helpfully highlight the correct menu item to go to.

Click on “Default apps”

Click on “Default Apps”, again….

Click on “Browser app”

Select Brave as your default browser

Make Brave Default on MacOS

Changing your default browser on MacOS is easier than most other operating sytstems.

Simply head to System Preferences by hitting the Apple logo in the top left of your screen, and then “General” when the System Preferences dialogue pops up.

Once in the sub menu, head down to the “Default web browser” section and select Brave Browser from the drop down menu.

We hope you found the above guide helpful in making Brave your default web browser on your computer or mobile device. Brave is a massive upgrade over other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Brave automatically blocks ads and is much more privacy respecting as you navigate the web. Please consider tipping us if you like our content!

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