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How to make Brave Browser default on iOS & iPadOS

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 was recently released for our devices, bringing with it one of the most heavily requested features since it’s inception; the ability to change the default web browser, system wide.

Let’s get straight to it and change our iOS default browser to Brave.

Go To Settings

Head into your Settings app and scroll down your applications until you come to Brave. Once you see the entry for Brave, click it.

Head to Default Browser App

Once inside the Brave settings, select “Default Browser App”. The entry will show the current default, which might be Safari.

Select Brave

You now have the opportunity to select Brave as the default browser for iOS. Make sure it is ticked and exit like normal.

And that’s it! Changing default browsers on iOS and iPadOS is thanksfully a breeze. A long overdue feature but welcomed all the same.

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