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How to Download Brave’s Background Images

Brave Browser comes with a great assortment of beautiful images when first opening Brave browser or when opening a new tab. This area is also known as your Dashboard. The images themselves are part of the Brave Rewards program and can actually earn you BAT.

A common query is how to download the background images and use them as your background on your desktop computer, such as in Windows 10.

The great thing about Brave Browser is that it is entirely open source, meaning we can head straight to GitHub and get them directly from the source. No need to search around the internet to find images that might not be of the same quality or the right size.

You can access the images at the Brave Browser GitHub here.

Once there, you will see a list of the current images in the source code. As of writing there are ten.

Click on the one of the pictures, and hit “View Raw”. This will display the full image in your browser.

You might notice in the URL that the file extension of the picture is .webp. Webp is a an image file format developed by Google. Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not allow .webp files to be our desktop background, so there is a very quick work-around. We need to save it as .bmp or .jpg.

When the image is opened in your browser, right click on it and select Copy Image.

Now open up your favorite image application (Paint is fine) and copy it in, (Ctrl + V). Once the image is pasted into your application, simply save the picture as .bmp or .jpg.

From there, you can select your image and set it as your desktop background by right clicking the image and selecting “Set as desktop background”. That’s it!

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