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How to Download Brave Browser apk Files

Brave Browser is an open-source project. One of the great things about that is we can see the code directly at Brave’s GitHub page. Everything there is open and transparent and we can see when new releases are made available and what has changed. It’s the beauty of open source.

As a bonus, Brave also compiled the latest releases into .apk’s, which is useful if we don’t want to install Brave via the Google Play Store and would rather sideload the file directly on our devices.

There is two steps we need to go through in order to download the .apk.

Go To Releases

Head on over to the following website.

From here, you will get a list of the releases for Brave browser. Annoyingly, we can’t seem to filter on just the latest stable release; Nightly, beta, and development builds are also lumped into this section.

You are of course free to download and install the Nightly .apk, however if you want to stay with the stable releases, you may need to navigate to the next page. The stable release will look as follows;

Note that for Android, it mentions to pick the suitable architecture for your device. At the bottom of the release, you will see a small section named “Assets”. Click this and a drop down will appear.

Scroll down the list where you will see a list of .apk’s. It’s usually at the bottom.

You will see there are multiple different versions of the .apk’s. It can be a little confusing as to which ones to pick. Picking the wrong one may mean Brave will not work at all.

Which Brave .APK Do I Pick?

Now that we have navigated to the build/apk we want to download, we need to make a decision on which one to go with. There are some important differences, which were discussed at the following link. The details are summarised below.

If you are running Android 7.0 or above, and have a modern device, simply download BraveMonoarm64.apk. For old devices, you may need to consider downloading other versions of the “arm” release.

If you are running a mobile device that has an Intel Atom CPU, very rare, you will be looking at the section with releases marked x86 or x64.

For further clarification note the below;

By using the above instructions, you can be sure that you are downloading a safe version of Brave, straight from their GitHub. This means you do not have to go to shady APK mirrors, risking downloading a dangerous version of the software. We hope you found this guide useful.

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