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How to Clear Vivaldi Browser History

Being able to clear browser history is a standard feature of any web browser. Thankfully Vivaldi follows that trend and allows it’s users to fine tune the history settings as well as clear it all together.

Because Vivaldi is based off Chromium, it makes finding these features very easy.

Let’s see how we can clear our Vivaldi browser history.

Head To History Settings

The absolute fastest way to pull up the History settings is to type the following into your main URL bar.


From here you will land in the History section.

In the top right you will notice a small paint brush icon. Hit that.

You will be presented with the following configurable options.

One of the main advantages of Chromium is that you can easily delete browser for specific periods, or even specific types of data.

For example, if I only want to delete Cookies for the past week, we can do so.

Of course, to delete all data for “All time” you should have the following selected.

Download Vivaldi

If you haven’t already tried Vivaldi, why not give it a go? You can download it from the official website here.

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