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How To Clear Brave Browser History and Cache

Being able to view and clear browser history and cache is a vital feature of any decent web browser. A well implemented history and cache viewer/remover allows the user to keep control of their privacy, especially on machines with multiple users, such as computers in public places or in a busy family home. Brave browser thankfully has a feature rich tool allowing you to fine tune your browser history and remove it entirely. As always, make sure you have downloaded the latest stable release version of Brave browser to have the most up-to-date features and options.

The quickest way to view your history is to head to the trusty hamburger menu in the top right of Brave, and hit settings. Alternatively, you can type brave://history into the URL address bar.

Once you are in the main setting area, select “History” across the top.

From here you will see a long list of your web history, broken down by the day.

One of the great features of Brave browser is the ability to really fine-tune your browser history. By selecting the 3 dot button on the right of an entry, you can remove a specific individual entry, or even see more history from that domain.

If you want to clear your entire history and cache however, you will find a button to do so on the left hand side of the History menu. Both History and Cache settings are labelled as “browsing data”.

Selecting this will take you to a small tool where you can clear your history, and cache based on the last hour, week, month or all time. From this area, you can also decide if you want to include Cookies in the purge as well.

What is great about Brave’s implementation here is the ability to automatically delete your history and cache when you close down the browser. This saves you having to in manually and is much better at protecting your privacy.

Staying within the same “Clear Browsing Data” tool, go to the section on the right called “On exit”.

From here, you can select what items you want to auto-delete, and what ones you might want to keep. It’s completely up to you.

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