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How to Change Brave Creator Profile Pic and Description

To help increase the likelihood of a viewer or reader making a tip to your website, it’s important to spend some time personalizing your Brave Creator profile picture and description.

This area, also known as the tipping banner, has some default text and logo’s which can easily be changed to be more inline with your branding and message.

The default looks like below;

Log into Brave Creator Portal

To start, log into your Creator portal at the usual link.

From there, head to the top right and select Tipping Banner.

Then select Customize on the popup.

You will now be presented with a screen where you can make changes. You can change the title, description and even upload a new logo.

After you have made the changes, it’s a good time to select Preview before committing the changes. Reason being, once you Save, it can take up to 24 hours before they are reflected on your website.

Other useful things to consider here in this panel are the default tipping amount. The default is 1 BAT, however if you feel you can set the default to something a little higher, feel free to do so.

And lastly, if you have other channel you wish to promote in the Tipping Banner, such as your YouTube channel, Twitter account or Twitch, link in the handles here.

We hope this article helped you update your Tipping Banner. Please consider leaving us a tip.

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