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How to Change Brave Browser Default Homepage

When opening Brave Browser, you will be presented with your Brave Dashboard. Dashboard is the screen that gives you interesting information such as the amount of trackers Brave has blocked, and the total bandwidth and time saved. The dashboard also serves you a great collection of wonderful background images, some of which might be Sponsored Images, which are part of the Brave Rewards program.

But what if you want to change your default homepage to something like the DuckDuckGo search engine, or any other website of your choosing? This is easy enough, so let’s get to it.

Head to the Settings

Start by typing brave://settings/getStarted into the URL bar of Brave.

You can also reach the settings by going to the hamburger menu in the top right of Brave and then selecting “Settings”.

You will see an area titled “On startup”. From here, select the option “Open a specific page or set of pages”.

You have two options here. You can either enter a single page manually and open a it on startup, or you can have Brave take all of your current open tabs and use those, meaning it will open multiple tabs at the same time when launching Brave.

If you just want to have one new homepage, select “Add a new page” and enter the address.

Once you hit Add, you will see the page get added to the pages section. You can test it by simply closing and re-opening Brave.

If you want to have Brave open multiple tabs, first check what is open in your current Brave session. I have three tabs open; Google News, Washington Post and Engadget.

If I instead select “Use Current Pages”, those three tabs will automatically be entered into the pages section.

If you made a mistake, or want to edit the URL in any way, you can do so by selecting the three dots next to that entry to see the options. From here you can edit or remove it.

We hope you found this small guide useful. If so, why not leave us a tip!

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