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How to Cancel Brave VPN Subscription

While Brave VPN was a much welcomed feature for the browser, adding extra privacy benefits above and beyond the magnificent inbuilt ad-blocker, the VPN itself is a little on the expensive side.

If you have come to the end of your 7-day trial and want to cancel before you get charged, or just had it for a few months and no longer wish to have the product, you can go ahead and cancel to ensure you are no longer getting charged subscription fee’s.

There are two ways to cancel your Brave VPN trial or subscription. First is via the Brave app itself, the second is via your Apple account. We are going to go through both ways.

Head to the Settings

If you still have Brave browser installed, in the bottom right head to the 3 dots menu, and then “Settings”.

From here, head to the section called “Brave Firewall + VPN”.

You will then land on a page with your current subscriptions settings. Simply hit “Manage Subscription”.

We are now on the last screen where we can actually cancel the subscription. Hit “Cancel Subscription”.

You can continue to use Brave VPN for as long as you have paid for, or to the end of the 7 day trial if that is what you are currently using.

Cancel Brave VPN Via Settings

There is another way to cancel which is handy if you have already uninstalled Brave browser.

First thing is to head to the settings via your Setting icon on your iPhone or iPad.

Enable JavaScript on Safari on iPhone -

Click on your Apple ID information/account at the top.

Click on “Subscriptions”

You will see an entry for Brave Web Browser. Select “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Free Trial”

All done!

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