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How to Become a Brave Verified Creator

Do you run a website/blog, stream via Twitch or have a tonne of followers on Twitter? If so, you should definitely look to get verified as a Brave Verified Creator. Reason being, a lot of your users may already be using Brave browser, which blocks ads that you may serving. This means you may not be getting rewarded or paid for your content. Brave thought ahead with this, and there is a way to still earn money from your viewers by supporting you in other ways.

If you need a little bit more information on what exactly Brave Browser is, it might be best to check out our guide. While you are there, take a look at the Brave Rewards program as this is how you your users will be rewarding you.

Sign Up

To get started, simply head to and sign up.

Once your account is created, you will need to verify your email address. You will also be given the chance to pick a display name, and setup 2 factor authentication if you wish.

Add a Channel

Your dashboard will be a little bare. There is a few things we need to do to get up and running. First and foremost, we need to link our website or channel to the Brave Creator account. To do this, simply click Add Channel

From here you will see all the different types of content and accounts you can link. You are not restricted to just one, and can add as many as you like.

Let’s select “Website” and enter your domain. We also recommend selecting the “Allow Brave to serve ads on my website” as well. This a currently unreleased feature where you can serve Brave ads directly on your website. Click continue. More on that in another article.

If your website runs on WordPress, the process helpfully recognizes that and even links you to a handy plugin to make the verification super easy. Simply install the plugin in your WordPress admin area, enter the verification code on the screen and you’re away!

If you don’t run WordPress, you will be offered two other ways to verify you own the website. The first is by downloading a small file and uploading it to your website. The second method is a little harder, and includes editing the DNS records in your websites control panel. Let’s go with the first option.

Simply download the file, and place it in the “.well-known” folder of your website. You can access this folder via software like FileZilla. You will need to know the username and password of you web hosting.

Hit verify! Done!

Link Your Uphold Wallet

Our website or channel is now setup to start earning tips and auto-contributions. The next important thing is to make sure we can actually withdraw the funds we earn. For this you will need to link your Brave Creators panel to a verified Uphold or Gemini account. By verified, we mean you have to have completed the KYC for either site. That may include providing your passport or other identification. It is not enough to simply sign up for a Uphold or Gemini account.

You will likely be asked to login your account so have the details ready.

Once it is linked, you will notice it

Change Default Payment Type

The Brave Creator portal, by default, pays you in Basic Attention Token. What is great about the program however is that you can get paid in a lot of other crypto or even fiat.

If you want to get paid in EUR for example, simply hit Change, and select it from the drop down.

We hope this article provided some good information on the Brave Creators portal. It’s definitely something worth looking into, especially if you notice a lot of your traffic comes via the Brave browser. You may be missing out on hard earned $$$ by not signing up and getting verified.

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