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How Does Brave Make Money?

Brave is an American technology company responsible for the privacy-respecting web browser, Brave Browser (download here). Brave Browser is unique for its inbuilt ad-blocker, as well as the ability to earn cryptocurrency via it’s Brave Rewards program.

Brave Browser is free, so the question is often asked, how does Brave make money? Considering Brave blocks ads by default, it is an interesting question. To get our answer, we need to analyze Brave Ads and the Brave Rewards program.

Brave Ads

Brave Rewards is an optional feature within Brave that allows users to view small, privacy-respecting adverts (Brave Ads), served directly from within Brave.

Because Brave Browser blocks ads from Google, Youtube and others by default, Brave had to devise a way to continue to reward content creators in some capacity. This saw the creation of Brave Ads. Essentially, Brave has developed its own ad network to rival Google Adwords. Brave Ads was released into production in April of 2019.

An example ad show as part of Brave Rewards.

Take the above ad from Mona Foundation. Mona Foundation approaches Brave to purchase the ad space, which results in an ad being served to you via the Brave Rewards program. In our example, let’s say Mona purchases 100,000 impressions, at 10 cents for each impression, for a total ad campaign cost of $10,000.

For viewing this one single ad, you get 70% of the ad-revenue for this ad or 7 cents. Brave receives the remaining 30% or 3 cents.

This is how Brave makes its money. It is therefore in their best interests to help grow the Brave Rewards program, get its users interacting with the ads, and ultimately getting more advertisers on board.

Make Money with Brave

The Brave Rewards program is a great way for both you and Brave to make money. Brave Rewards is completely optionally, if you don’t want to view the ads, you don’t have to. If you don’t mind viewing small, notification style adverts, then participating in the Brave Rewards program is a great way to earn some small income each month.

You can easily see how many advertising campaigns are ongoing via the Transparency panel. This is a great indicator of how popular the Brave Rewards program is becoming.

Advertising space purchased

Hopefully the above explains how Brave makes money to keep fuelling its operations. It is a very simple formula and one that is continuing its strong user growth trajectory.

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