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Demand For Basic Attention Token Explodes On The Back Of Growth In Adoption Of Brave Browser

The browser wars are seemingly reigniting as the usage of Brave Browser grows exponentially. For starters, the browser allows users to view ads without having their privacy infringed on. Further, the users who view ads get rewarded in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). As such, the growing adoption of Brave Browser is fueling demand for BAT, according to

To be sure, the unique reward system implemented by Brave Browser seems to be working magic in terms of attracting attention. In particular, the browser is revolutionizing the digital ecosystem by enabling users to block ads. However, users might choose to view the ads and in return they get rewarded in BAT. According to the team behind the project, users will soon be able to redeem the rewarded tokens into cash.

Brave Browser threatens Chrome’s position

Reports indicate that since Brave kicked the ad-revenue program, there was a rapid growth in the number of downloads. Notably, the last three months saw the app grow in popularity to surpass Chrome for Android users. Although the browser lost the second position to Chrome this month, it obvious that the ad-revenue program is a hit among users.

Writing on its blog, the team behind Brave said that users will receive 70% of the revenue generated from ads. Interestingly, only the users who opt in and view the ads will receive the part of the revenue. Also, this implies that many of the ads on the browser will remain blocked if users choose not to view them.

The Brave project is more than just blocking ads

In an interview with Tech Crunch, Brendan Eich, former Mozilla CEO, creator of the JavaScript programming language and the lead creator of the Brave project, said the Brave project is bigger than simply blocking ads. On the contrary, the project is looking for better means to “compensate online publishers.”

While explaining how the reward system works, Eich said that the BAT which users earn will, by default, be donated to the site which the user viewed the most. This will happen at the end of every month. However, the company is planning to enable the users to redeem the BAT for rewards like restaurant vouchers and hotel rooms.

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