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Brave’s Top Executive Participation In The US Senate Hearing Gives Credibility Boost

2019 has seen tremendous growth for both Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token. In recent months BAT which is a cryptocurrency associated with the Brave Browser has considerable grown in terms of market value and daily average users.

Brave Browser strongly focuses on data privacy

The Brave Browser operates by awarding users with Basic Attention Tokens to view adverts and create content. Following its growing popularity, Brave’s Chief Policy and Industry Relations Officer Dr Johnny Ryan, is expected to be part of a United States Senate hearing that is focused on “Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem and the Impact of Data Privacy and Competition Policy.” The representation of Dr Ryan from one of the digital assets that strongly focuses on privacy gives credibility to the Brave project.

One of the most discussed issues currently across the globe is the issue of digital privacy. Following privacy issues, Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, called for a split of Facebook, citing privacy concerns.

Brave and BAT growing in popularity

Brave is a fast growing browser and it is second in terms of growth to Google chrome, which continues to occupy the number 1 position.  The browser is already becoming more popular than Opera and Firefox and since 2018 its monthly active users have exponentially grown by close to 450%.

In terms of speed Brave is two times faster than Chrome and in terms of load time the browser beats Chrome considering it has blocked most of the annoying advertisements that keep popping when on various sites. For Brave you have to decide whether you want to view the ad and you will get rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens in the process.

Despite being a new browser that users could usually be sceptical about it is rather different with Brave as many users have migrated from the conventional browsers and are now embracing it. Besides the Brave Browser growth, Basic Attention Tokens have equally experienced tremendous growth and it is on an upward momentum.

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