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Brave’s Top Executive Files Complaint With DPC on Potential Online Advertising Privacy Breach By Google

The Ireland Data Protection Commission is commencing a GDPR probe into a possible infringement by the DoubleClick Buyers advertising business of Google. The inquiry was triggered by Dr Johnny Ryan, Brave Browser’s Chief Policy Officer.

Brave’s Dr Ryan files complaint against Google

Brave’s Chief Policy Officer provided evidence to the DPC showing large and continuing data breaches, whereby the DoubleClick/Authorized Buyers system leaks personal information of people visiting the websites to numerous companies on a daily basis. According to Article 5(1)(f) of the GDPR, personal data should be controlled tightly with Article 5(1)(a) and (b) also requiring individuals to be informed about what happens to their data.

DoubleClick/Authorized Buyers was bought by Google in 2007 for around $3.1 billion and it contributes to $19.9 billion of Google’s revenue from ads that are served on websites that rely on using personal data.

The DPC has since issued Google with a notice that they will be instituting an inquiry regarding the alleged infringement as per section 110 of the Irish Data Protection Act. The DPC has the authority to make Google cease from using intimate data in the advertising system as well impose substantial financial fines.

Brave Executive: Surveillance capitalism about to end

Dr Ryan of Brave submitted the complaint to the DPC in September last year with duplicate complaints also made to the UK Information Commissioner and to the Open Rights Group Director.

While speaking about the complaint, Dr Ryan said it is time that surveillance capitalism becomes obsolete. The actions of the DPC are evidence that change is happening regarding data privacy. He added that online advertising needs to be reformed to protect the privacy of individuals and content creators alike.

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