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Brave Launches Version 1.0 Of The Browser

Privacy-focused browser Brave has officially launched out of beta version to Brave Version 1.0. The Beta version has so far attracted more than 8.7 million users. However, from today the free open-source browser will be available for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS in 52 languages.

Brave 1.0 available for all users

With the Brave 1.0 users can opt into viewing ads and enroll for the Basic Attention Tokens. This version allows users to seamlessly use all of the marquee features of Brave across various platforms. The browser has promised to put user privacy and security first by blocking trackers, third party ads and autoplay videos.

Brave launched in January 2016 under the leadership of Mozilla Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich. Although the browser has been on beta in the last four years it has attracted a considerable number of users. It boasts almost nine million monthly active users and over three million active users every day. Chrome is so far the most popular browser with over one billion active users and Firefox has 250 million users.

Browsers enhancing tracker-blocking

What Brave has achieved in a short time is very significant given this is a competitive space. Most importantly the browser’s focus on privacy has pushed others to enhance the security and privacy of users.  The other browsers have also implemented blocking of ads and trackers despite being limited or requiring activation.

Earlier this year Firefox began blocking trackers by default while Safari blocks all third-party trackers on sites not regularly visited. Google Chrome indicated in May that it was introducing tracker blocking but it is yet to roll out the tools. 

Brave introduced Brave Rewards earlier this year and when users opt to view ads they earn 70% of the ad revenue the company makes. The tokens can be used to tip content creators and publishers or you can keep them to yourself.

According to Des Martin Brave’s business director indicated that the browser took time to get out of beta because they wanted to ensure features are available for all users first.

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