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Brave Browser Taps Sponsored Images To Generate Revenues

Brave Browser has unlocked a new revenue stream even as it continues to give people control over their browsing experience by blocking ads and protecting data.  The private browser has introduced a ‘sponsored images feature as part of its advertising platform.

Brave Sponsored Images

Branded images will now appear in the background with the opening of a new tab on the browser.  The sponsored images will appear across all mobile and desktop browsers. While the feature was still in operation, the private browser will generate some income on brands paying to be featured in the new tab section.

The Brave design team is tasked with the responsibility of selecting the sponsored images that will appear in the background.  The design team will receive images from select advertisers who are in support of the Brave ecosystem. The sponsored images will be in rotation with other existing images on the platform.

Just like previous images, the new sponsored images will be shown on the new tab page as full screen and as immersive images. Brave browser designers will approve each image individually. Each format will be limited, and there will be small and large images with a logo overlaid at the lower left.

Sponsored images will appear as a billboard and not like a typical digital ad. The images will appear by default in the image rotation segment and will be shown in every fourth new tab created. Brave browser will be able to turn off sponsored images or all background images on the new tab.

Brave Reward Feature

In a bid to encourage people to continue using the Brave browser, the developers are unlocking brave Rewards feature that will allow users to earn on viewing ads on the platform.  By switching on the Brave Rewards feature, users will receive 70% from sponsored images with the remaining going to Brave.

The additional revenue should help support Brave mission of protecting people’s browsing experience. Similarly, it should give users a reason to continue using the browser and stand to get compensated for their attention

The Brave Rewards feature marks an important milestone in making BAT a viable and stable replacement for the surveillance ecosystem.

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