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Brave Browser Opens Previous Tabs on Startup

Have you just sat down with your morning coffee, opened Brave and been bombarded with dozens of open tabs from yesterdays browsing session?

This is common with Brave Browser, and relates to keeping previous sessions even when you close Brave. It’s very easy to turn off if you don’t want this behaviour.

Head to the Settings

Open up Brave Browser and in the URL bar type brave://setting/getStarted

You will see a section titled “On Startup”. You will likely have the option “Continue where you left off” selected. Change this to “Open the New Tab page” and close and re-open Brave. The issue should not be resolved!

If you are still having issues however, there is one more option we can tinker with. Open up Brave Browser and in the URL bar type brave://settings/system

You can also get to this area by selecting the hamburger setting menu in the top right of Brave, and then Settings.

You will see a number of options appear. The one we are interested in is “Continue running background apps when Brave is closed”. Let’s select that so it is off. It should look like below;

And that’s that!

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