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Brave Browser Faster Than Google Chrome And Rewards Users With BAT

Brave web browser is proving to one of the fastest growing web browsers and it has shown that it is two times faster than Google Chrome. The browser rewards its users for viewing ads and content creators for content with Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave offers faster load time and no ads

The browser has a faster page load time for different pages than the world’s most popular web browser,Chrome. The browser beat Google Chrome in terms of load time on various news sites that are normally loaded with a lot of advertisements.

On the Fox network, Brave has a load time of 4.5x faster compared to chrome while the CNN websites loads 7.2x faster and it is even 8.7x faster when loading the TIME website than when using Chrome. The time differences demonstrated by the browser are significant and can primarily be attributed to the unique design of Brave which blocks ads automatically when loading various sites.

There is nothing annoying like when you are browsing and you have to encounter longer load time of pages because of the several useless advertisements that keep popping up. This is, however, changing with the Brave browser which has a faster load time of web pages and you do not have to worry about the advertisements because they are blocked. You have to decide whether you want to view adverts and then in the process, you get paid for viewing the ads.

The growing popularity of Brave

The distinctive features and simplicity of Brave brings back memories of when Chrome first launched. Whilst most people are normally adamant to embrace change Brave makes the switch from Chrome painless. Momemtum continues to grow as millions have already made the switch from Chrome to the more privacy focused Brave.

Besides the exponential growth of Brave, the number of BAT users and Brave publishers has seen an exceptional rise.  Just like most cryptocurrencies, the adoption of Brave may take time before most people realize the benefits that the browser offers.

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