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Brave Attempts To Shake Up An Industry Dominated By Google And Facebook

Facebook and Google have been running the show in the ad business through their elaborate ad strategies that ensure that they get a huge chunk of ad revenue. However, there is a new player in the industry, a browser called Brave that is threatening to change the game.

The Brave browser aims to hit two birds with one stone by providing a faster browsing experience for users while at the same time providing an experience where users do not have to deal with intrusive ads. The latter is particularly one of the issues that have plagued the current ad landscape where Google and Facebook are dominant.

Challenging the big players

Brave might become a threat to Google and Facebook’s ad businesses because it shares ad revenue with the audience. This is unheard of traditionally because the major firms keep the lion’s share of ad revenue while content creators and marketers receive a share of the revenue. Brave is one of the few that are daring enough to change up the game to include the content consumer in the ad revenue share.

The browser pays users when they view ads, and it does this by paying them using its native token called Basic Attention Token (BAT). This plus the browser’s fast nature are compelling reasons to use the Brave browser. However, there is another benefit that undercuts Facebook and Google. The latter two firms have traditionally earned a huge amount of revenue for tracking, collecting and selling user information.

The data is sold to marketing firms so that be used to facilitate targeted ads. Facebook made about $20.21 per user by selling user data which translates to billions considering its massive number of users. However, this approach angered many users who felt that the company has been selling private data, thus amounting to a violation of privacy.

The social media giant faced hefty fines from the Federal Trade Commission for using private user data without permission. Brave does not collect user information and so users do not have to worry about privacy violation and their personal data being sold. Brave might be starting a trend that may threaten how the major players in the ad industry operate and thus it cannot be ignored.

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