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Brave Ads Not Showing on Windows

Have you previously been receiving ads in Brave, but they suddenly stopped? This is definitely an issue being experienced by a lot of Brave browser users the past few months. The issue seems to come down to typical Windows behavior, whereby it changes some of your system settings without your knowledge or input. This happens mostly after an update to Windows.

Verify You Have the Issue

The quickest way to check if you actually have the issue is to check your ads history within Brave itself. If you have been receiving healthy amounts of ads that suddenly stopped, head to the hamburger settings menu in the top right of Brave, and then select Brave Rewards.

Click on “7 Day Ad History”. If you see nothing for the past 7 days, something is definitely not right.

Once the issue has been verified, we now need to check our Windows Settings. Windows may be actually blocking Brave from the ads notification popups. Pull up your Windows Settings, and type “focus” into the search bar, and select “Focus assist Settings”

Double check that it is set to “Off”

Go back to your Windows Settings, and this time, type “notifications” into the search bar, and select the option “Notification & action settings”

Double check that the option “Get Notifications from apps and other senders” is switched to on. You may find this setting here to be the culprit.

The latest step involves scrolling down to Brave Browser, and ensuring the switch is on to receive notifications/ads from Brave itself.

Once the above were changed we began to receive ad notifications within a few minutes. Hopefully this fixes your issue.

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