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Best Speed Settings and Flags for Brave Browser

One of Brave Browsers best assets is its speed. Blocking ads by default, and earning crypto-currency while doing so, is pretty enticing when coming from other memory hog browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

But can we make it even faster than the out-of-the box experience? Let’s take a look at the more advanced options deep within Brave Browser.

Get the latest version of Brave Browser

First of all, we need to make sure we are on the latest stable version of Brave Browser. You can download it here. Some of the features we will be enabling are experimental in nature, so to help avoid any major bumps, upgrade to the most recent stable build.

Bring up the Flags menu

We can tinker with experimental options within Brave Browser by bringing up the flags menu. Simply type in “brave://flags” in the search bar of Brave Browser to enable to long list of options. You are greeted with a warning about the features being experimental and potentially dangerous to your privacy and security settings. We are going to be careful to not change any settings relating to those. We are mostly looking at changes to improve speed.

Enable Parallel Downloading

This flag can be changed on all versions of Brave Browser and one of the first that should be enabled. By enabling Parallel Downloads we can significantly accelerate the downloads being done through Brave Browser. This feature also has the added benefit of speeding up videos you might be streaming in the browser, such as Netflix.

Enable GPU Rasterization

If your browsing behavior is heavy in video and images, you might benefit from enabling the “GPU Rasterization” flag in Brave Browser. If you are viewing more text based websites, such as Reddit and forums, it might be best to keep this off. Essentially this flag offloads a lot of the work from the CPU to the GPU which can result in a quicker experience.

Enable Smooth Scrolling

One common complaint with web browsers and modern day websites is the slow scrolling experience, which can at times be laggy and jittery. Website have such much content on them these days that a lot of websites dynamically load as you scroll downwards. By enabling the Smooth Scrolling flag in Brave Browser, you should see buttery smooth scrolling while navigating your favorite websites.

Enable Back-forward Cache

This feature is highly experimental, but the pay off can be large. This flag, which was introduced in 2019, helps speed up the back and forward buttons by caching the results in memory. This means, if you do click “Back” in your Brave Browser, instead of reloading the page from scratch, the results are already loaded into cache.

Head to Settings

The last changes are in the settings menu for Brave. Hit the hamburger menu in the top right of Brave, and hit Settings.

Once the Settings menu opens up, on the left hand side you will see Additional Settings. Hit this.

In the Privacy and Security sections, you will see an options called “Preload Pages” – Enable this options

We hope you found the above helpful in trying to extract more performance from Brave Browser. Do you have some other settings or flags that you think might help? Be sure to let us know in the comments. As always, please consider tipping out website so we can keep providing useful content on Brave Browser and BAT.

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