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Best Sites to Tip BAT

Have you ever had such a great meal or service at a restaurant and left a large tip as a show of gratitude? Tipping BAT to your favorite websites, YouTubers and Twitch streamers is a great way to support their content without the need to view any ads that they may serve. Also, even if you have your Auto-Contribute turned off, you may feel so inclined to spare a little BAT when viewing a particular website or stream. For example, if you come across a one-off, helpful guide or tutorial, but you doubt you will visit the site again, why not leave them a tip to thank them?

The amount of verified creators in the Brave is growing every day (just check to see!), so the chance you will come across a creator who accepts tips is rapidly expanding. We list the best websites to tip if you are feeling so inclined.

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning the very site you are on! Brave Browser of course gives you the option to opt-out of Brave Rewards entirely, so if you find one of our articles helpful, we wouldn’t say no to a small tip!

We started this site with the intention of getting Brave Browser out there; it’s a really good piece of kit and doing great things for the ‘net.

So even if you have Brave Rewards turned off (and therefore not seeing any Brave Ads) you can still send a small tip over to support us.

If you still haven’t given Brave Browser a try yet, you can also support us by downloading Brave from the official website.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy focused search engine, and a perfect companion to use with the Brave Browser. Whilst other search engines, such as Google, track your searches and browsing behavior, and ultimately serve you ads, DuckDuckGo respects your privacy and contains no ads. Simply head to and send them a tip! Whilst you are, make sure it is the your default search engine for Brave Browser in the settings section. is a not for profit organisation aiming to backup and archive important aspects of the internet, such as websites, audio recordings, images and software. As one might expect, this is a costly endeavor, and whilst has always accepted donations, it is now open to Brave Tips.

According to themselves they received over $2,500 in BAT donations when it activated it’s wallet in it’s creator account.

You could do a lot worse than sending a tip in their direction!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers an incredible amount of education material and videos for students, parents and teachers – fore free. Khan Academy is a not for profit organization and relies on donations to keep it going. Khan Academy is one of the biggest organizations so far to start accepting BAT Tips from within Brave Browser.

There’s Way More

The list of websites accepting tips is growing everyday. Major publishers such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, SourceForge are just some examples. A Massive shout out to the Brave community website BatGrowth who helps list all the content creators, ordered by Alex Rankings.

Do you have a great website or content creator in mind that might be worthy of a tip? Why not let us know and we can add it to this article.

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