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What is the Best Exchange to Buy BAT?

Not interested in earning BAT by seeing a few Brave Ads? That’s completely understandable. One of the major advantages of Brave Browser is that it gives you the option to not view ads at all.

If you still want to own some of that sweet, sweet BAT of your own however, you are going to have to purchase them from an exchange. We check out what exchanges allow you to buy BAT so you can keep Brave Rewards well and truly turned off.


We list Binance foremost, mostly because they are a mainstay in the crypto currency scene, but mainly because they have over a large portion of BAT’s daily volume. This is important as it means the spread between the buy and sell price is not too drastic. Binance is also an exchange most people may already been signed up for and verified on. Binance offers a number of trading pairs for BAT including BAT/USDT, BAT/USDC, BAT/TUSD and BAT/PAX, meaning you get a great choice of stable coins to convert on the market.

Importantly, Brave and Binance have recently partnered and added a widget directly within the browser, making it easier than ever to buy, sell and convert crypto via Binance.

Uphold is a well-known exchange and it is also the entity which is responsible for the wallet located inside your Brave Browser. Whilst not as well known as Binance, some may feel more comfortable buying BAT from Uphold considering they are so closely aligned and trusted by the Brave Team.

Like most exchanges, if you want to purchase BAT with your credit card or deposit money from your bank account, you will need to become a verified member.

Once this is complete however, the process is fairly straight forward. You will need to create a “Card” which you can then transfer or deposit funds to. You can also convert from here. It’s important to note that if you want to withdraw the BAT you have earned from participating in the Brave Rewards program, you will need to verify with UpHold.


Like Binance, Coinbase is one of the most well-known exchanges in the industry. Located in the United States, Coinbase rose to fame on the back of great fiat on-boarding, including credit card, making the process of buying BAT and other crypto extremely simple. As one of the first exchanges in the US to get all of the appropriate government approvals, it carries some reputation, and users of the platform can be confident that the exchange and business are legitimate; something surely lacking in this space.

Coinbase has been a great supporter of BAT over the journey, allowing Coinbase users to earn free BAT by completing some educational videos via their Earn Program.

The prospect of some free BAT and the easy ability to purchase with your credit card makes Coinbase one of the best exchanges out there.

The Choice is Yours

BAT is not a small player in the crypto world. Alongside Brave browser it makes one of the best use-cases in the crypto and is well supported to boot. It’s also available on the biggest and must trusted exchanges in the world. The advice always stays the same however; not your keys, not your crypto. Once you have purchased your BAT, refrain from leaving it on the exchange and always move it to a dedicated wallet for safekeeping.

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