Best Brave Browser Extensions and Addons

One of the main advantages of Brave being based off Chromium is the immediate access to the same plugins and extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store. If you are moving away from Google Chrome to Brave, this can help make the switch that little bit easier.

The following article will cover some of the most popular and best Brave browser extensions we can find. You might not end up using all of them, however the guide may give you some extensions you may want to investigate further or maybe trial for a short time.


No browser should go without Grammarly. Grammarly is more than just a spellchecker. It assist you with the style and tone of your replies, weather in emails or forum posts. Grammarly will highlight when your sentences are a little wordy, or you are not using precise punctuation.

If you want to ensure you sound sophisticated when in the middle of a flame ware on Reddit, be sure to add the Grammarly extension to Brave.


Password keepers are an absolute must, especially in a world where data breaches are now commonplace. Password keepers encourage you to generate random passwords for each website you sign up too, and even notify you when a breach has occurred and prompt you to reset.

Two of the most common password keepers on the internet are Bitwarden and 1Password. Fortunately, both have very polished, well supported Brave extensions. If you haven’t checked out either service, be sure to sign up to either and install the appropriate Brave extension.

Zenmate VPN

Sometimes you might need to change your IP to access certain websites, or perhaps you just want a website to think you are based in the US, when you are actually in Australia. This might be to purchase products for a cheaper price, or even view videos that might be regionally locked.

Whilst Hola was one of the original extensions you could get to help with this, it quickly saw competitors come into the space; enter Zenmate. Zenmate has both a free tier and a paid, professional tier. For the most basic tasks however, the free will be.

OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s most underrated apps. The note-taking application has seen great growth in recent years due to its heavy development and ease of use.

There is a Brave browser extension available which allows you to quickly take a small clip/screenshot of a webpage and automatically save it to OneNote. This is great when you are in a rush and want to go it again later.

Whilst there are other note keeping apps, many of us have Office already, and OneNote works seamlessly with the other apps. Be sure to check it out.

Dark Reader

Dark modes for websites and applications has become extremely popular in recent years. Dark mode has even been baked directly in Brave browser. Dark mode is much easier on the eyes and can even save battery when browsing on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, many websites do not offer a dark mode. Thankfully, Dark Reader can help us out. The extension automatically applies a dark mode theme to websites. What makes the extension so great is how seamlessly it integrates. It just works.

There’s Tonnes More

If some of the above gave you some ideas, be sure to check out the Chrome Web Store. As notes at the start, Brave is based off Chromium, meaning you can run any extension from that store. Whilst there is some plans for Brave to run and maintain it’s own extension store, for now the Google one is more than sufficient.

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