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Best Basic Attention Token Wallet

Basic Attention Token, BAT for short, is a token developed by Brave Software Inc, and is the crypto-currency given to users participating in the Brave Rewards program. Based off Ethereum and traded on many of the major exchanges, BAT has established itself as a major crypto, with high levels of adoption and a genuine use case.

BAT works like any other token. You can purchase, sell and trade BAT on exchanges, as well as directly from within Brave, using the Binance widget. When it comes to actually storing your BAT however, keeping your BAT on exchanges is not recommended. As the saying in the cryptosphere goes, “not your keys, not your crypto”.

So what exactly is the best wallet for BAT? BAT is an Ethereum, ERC-20 based token so we have a number of options. Let’s take a look.

Brave Crypto Wallet

One of the best features of Brave browser, is it’s inbuilt crypto wallet. If you plan on using this feature, it’s extremely important you download and install the most recent stable version of Brave browser in order to keep your BAT safe.

You can check out our thoughts in our Brave Crypto Wallet review here. It is a pretty straightforward wallet to use, and is basically metamask baked directly into the browser.

The upside to using the inbuilt wallet is that the Brave Browser and the Crypto Wallet feature is still under heavy development, with new features being steadily added. For those of you who might only hold BAT and no other crypto currencies, this simple addition to the already great Brave browser might be more than enough for you.


If you have decided not to use Brave Browser (and instead stick with Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) or would simply prefer not to use Brave’s inbuilt crypto wallet, the next best alternative has to be MetaMask.

MetaMask is completely open source, also under heavily development and trusted by the community. Available on Chrome/Brave, iOS and Android, MetaMask is a small plugin/addon which sits in your browser as an extension. It has the added security of being available in those stores and automatically updates as necessary.

MetaMask lacks many of the more advanced features of other wallets, but for those just looking for the best wallet for BAT only, this is also a great option.

MEW Wallet

If you want to move away from browser based BAT wallets all together, your next option should be MEW Wallet. MEW Wallet is a new application for mobile devices made by the creators of MyEtherWallet, which has long been a trusted wallet for ERC-20 tokens.

To start using MEW Wallet, simply download the application via the iOS and Android stores on your mobile device. Once installed, you will be guided through the process of creating a wallet and backing up your keys. If you are a previous user of MyEtherWallet, you are thankfully given the opportunity to port over the newer application based wallet.

The application has all the basic functionality one would expect from a mobile wallet, however if you are looking for more advanced settings, you can do so by jumping on a desktop computer and connecting the wallet to MEWConnect by scanning the QR Code.

Ledger Hardware Based Wallet

Arguably the best BAT wallet is completely isolated from the internet and stored safely away in a safe. This is where the hardware based wallets from Ledger come into play.

Ledger products are some of the most recommended wallets hands down, with the Ledger Nano S getting special love from the community for its lower price, feature set, and security. Ledger’s not only support BAT, but Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, Vertcoin and a host of other coins and token as well. There is a cost for this added security however, and you will need to purchase a Ledger directly from the website.

If you are serious about crypto and hold BAT, Bitcoin and others, and want them all in one place with that extra security that a hardware based wallet provides, you should definitely look at investing in a Ledger.

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