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Basic Attention Token Growing Tremendously In 2019

The cryptocurrency industry has started 2019 strongly with dgital currency adoption becoming more popular in the mainstream. Brave Browser, a privacy focused web browser, is currently all the talk talk in the crypto space because of its association with Basic Attention Token (BAT), which itself has seen a massive price rise in 2019.

Brave Browser making BAT popular

Brave has grown in popularity, rivalling Google Chrome as the most downloaded browser over months because of its exceptional fast speeds and in-built ad blocker. With its exceptional features and speed, Brave is currently joint second with Google Chrome in terms of most downloaded browsers behind Mozilla Firefox. Through the browser, the tokens are becoming popular, further proof that cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted in their daily usage.

Brave uses the Basic Attention Token to transfer value to its users and it aims at rewarding the users with BAT for viewing ads and creating of content. Since last year BAT has seen a tremendous growth synonymous with the firm and inline with the adoption of Brave Browser.

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