Basic Attention Token Browsers Brave Attains 8 Million Active Users Per Month

Crypto-powered browser Brave is growing at a fast rate in terms of users. Recently, the browser passed the 2.8 million mark for daily active users and 8 million marks for monthly active users.

So far, there are more than 290,000 Brave verified content creators. Out of this number, 200,000 are YouTube publishers, 15,000 are streamers on Twitch, whereas 33,000 are web creators and publishers. In 2019, the browser announced its support for Twitter tipping, and since then has seen the number of Twitter accounts opting in for BAT increase to 28,000.

Brave campaigns effective compared to conventional advertisement

To date, the platform has seen around 385 campaigns generating around 97 million ad events. Engagement on the Brave platform is high, with a 14% click-through rate, significantly higher than the industry average. Most importantly, some of the click-throughs led to page visits of more than 10 seconds. Overall the platform has witnessed around 2.36 million 10 seconds or more active page visits.

Brave has indicated that its campaigns are efficient relative to conventional advertisement promotions. Recently Brave announced an update regarding the interface of the dashboard, which allows the advertiser to track the progress of advertising campaigns. This includes more data visualizations as well as hourly updates. Brave has equally enhanced the dashboard with extra conversion data to aid advertisers in messaging.

Brave awards users for viewing ads and content creators with BAT

Since its launch several years ago, Brave has seen its number of partnerships grow significantly. Brave launched the Basic Attention Token that rewards users with tokens for viewing ads as a way of enhancing safe and secure user privacy-friendly advertising. Brave aims to cut on the advertising dominance shown by Google and Facebook.

Brave alleges that the large media companies usually violate the privacy of users by hosting privacy-invading trackers. In contrast, the Brave blocks trackers and through a blockchain system, awards its users for viewing ads and creating content. Equally content creators receive BATs depending on user traffic. Interestingly users can opt-out of ad viewing and top up their token wallet to reward sites.

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